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How Can We Help You?

Whether you're concerned about Retirement, Taxes, Managing Your Investments or Planning Your Legacy... We can help. Providing kind and compassionate advice is so important to us we named our business after it.

kindness; gentleness; compassion


We can help you build a retirement strategy that is sure to keep you excited for what’s to come.

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Tax Strategy

We'll help make sure that we're considering the tax implications with all your investments.

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With over 50 years' collective experience, we'll help secure your legacy for future generations.

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We have extensive experience managing high-net-worth portfolios.


Small Business

Let us help you make sure your business is poised for growth.

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Strike the perfect balance between work and leisure.

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Success Stories
Read What Our Clients Are Saying

Read about real experiences from our clients.

<a href=";sa=X&#38;ved=2ahUKEwiKsu635437AhUREkQIHWdKC0sQvvQBegQIARAk" data-mce-href=";sa=X&#38;ved=2ahUKEwiKsu635437AhUREkQIHWdKC0sQvvQBegQIARAk">Elli K.</a>

Elli K.

"Lenity Financial should be given serious consideration when selecting your financial advisors. I can’t say enough about Mark and Lisa Bova. Their knowledge of the industry, financial and life planning and how to plan for the future has been invaluable for our family. They approach our relationship with empathy and care and I can’t think of anyone I would trust more to help me plan my future. They have given us confidence that we are making good decisions for retirement and we enjoy every interaction we have with them!"

<a href=";sa=X&#38;ved=2ahUKEwiKsu635437AhUREkQIHWdKC0sQvvQBegQIARA6" data-mce-href=";sa=X&#38;ved=2ahUKEwiKsu635437AhUREkQIHWdKC0sQvvQBegQIARA6">Chris K.</a>

Chris K.

"I use Lenity Financial for my business (company 401k) and personally (financial planning / investments) - our relationship has been excellent and I look forward to many more successful years.
Lisa and Mark Bova are tremendous to work with, they have lots of knowledge and experience to share along with greatly simplifying the complexities of the financial world!"

<a href=";sa=X&#38;ved=2ahUKEwiKsu635437AhUREkQIHWdKC0sQvvQBegQIARBQ" data-mce-href=";sa=X&#38;ved=2ahUKEwiKsu635437AhUREkQIHWdKC0sQvvQBegQIARBQ">Michael K.</a>

Michael K.

"Lisa and Mark Bova have been incredibly helpful to my family. They pay careful attention to detail and communicate ideas effectively. Not only are they creative, but they are tireless workers as well. (I get tired just watching them).
Words alone cannot do justice to their professionalism and integrity."

<a href=";sa=X&#38;ved=2ahUKEwiKsu635437AhUREkQIHWdKC0sQvvQBegQIARBm" data-mce-href=";sa=X&#38;ved=2ahUKEwiKsu635437AhUREkQIHWdKC0sQvvQBegQIARBm">Sheri C.</a>

Sheri C.

"Mark & Lisa have been a pleasure to work with. Very knowledgeable given the financial ups & downs with the market. Looking forward to future mtgs. & guidance on our financial future. I highly recommend them!"

David H.

David H.

"I've thought long and hard on this recommendation for Lenity Financial. How do you convey the truth when you are talking about peoples money? Over the years, Ive had a few advisors, most from large institutions. While they performed ok, I never received the personal connection that you get from Mark and Lisa. I always felt that I was just an account, but with Lenity Financial, it goes way beyond that. They truly care about their clients, not only working for your financial goals, but also understanding how your life goals can be achieved as well.I am always impressed about their depth of knowledge in the financial arena, they are extremely qualified to guide your investments. But even beyond that, its so comforting to find someone that I trust implicitly to manage my investments. Its refreshing to find them in a world that has become so cynical. Mark and Lisa picked a great name in Lenity Financial, but what the word means to me is Peace of Mind!I hope that you too will find your Lenity with them."

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